State of Flux


STATE OF FLUX! the Superior Flux Blog Site, contains news releases, articles and other items of interest pertaining to soldering, brazing and welding fluxes.  The following is a synopsis of the posts in State of Flux!, the Superior Flux Blog Site.

Techniques for Soldering Aluminum (June 6, 2018)

Superior Flux writes an article for Welding Journal.  The article focuses on how to solder aluminum.  Topics include aluminum solder fluxes, solder alloys for soldering aluminum, optimal soldering temperatures for soldering aluminum, and the various series of aluminum and how they take to soldering.

Brazing & Soldering in the “Big Easy” (May 7, 2018)

Bill Avery, one of Superior Flux’s joining experts, leads a presentation about Aluminum Soldering at the April 2018 International Brazing & Soldering Conference (ISBC).  Bill is a leading world expert in aluminum soldering.  With expertise in electronics soldering, industrial soldering and brazing, Superior Flux is in a unique position to provide aluminum soldering and brazing solutions.

Fluxing in the Heart of Texas (April 23, 2018)

Phil Baskin and Dana Imler of Superior Flux exhibit at two Surface Mount Technology Associations (SMTA) tabletop shows in Texas in April, 2018 in Houston and Dallas.  An early pioneer in the electronics soldering industry, Superior Flux exhibits the full range of its product line for PCB assembly, fluxes, solder pastes, tacky fluxes and cleaners.

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