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Maintenance Fluxes for the Oil and Gas Industry

Superior Flux provides numerous products that are used in the Oil & Gas Industry, particularly in the maintenance of tools and equipment.  The following highlights several of these products.

No. 601 – General Purpose Silver Brazing Flux

Brazing is commonly used in the repair and maintenance of the tools and equipment that keep the oil and gas industry running.  Silver brazing, which employs Silver-based brazing alloys, is the most popular type of brazing due to its versatility and strength.  Silver brazing is ideal for brazing carbon steel, copper and brass.  Our No. 601, white brazing paste flux, has been a work horse in these processes for nearly a century.  It is also suitable for brazing with Phos-Copper braze alloys.  Available in powder form as our No. 608.  Meets AMS spec 3410.  Available in a variety of jars and pail sizes.

No. 601B/3411 – High Temp Silver Brazing Flux

This is our black version of the No. 601 silver brazing flux.  It’s called black, even though it’s really brown in color, due to the addition of elemental Boron to the flux.  This added Boron gives the flux extra heat tolerance.  If you’re brazing stainless steel or carbides with Silver braze alloys, you might have to braze for a longer period of time, which means exposing the flux to prolonged heat.  The added Boron gives the flux to strength to sustain extra heat.  When you’re bringing on the heat, use our No. 601B/3411 for better results than the No. 601.  Meets AMS spec 3411.  Available in a variety of jars and pail sizes.

Anti-Borax No. 2 – Bronze Brazing Flux

If you’re brazing bronze and using a Low-Fuming Bronze (LFB) as your braze alloy, then Anti-Borax No. 2 is your choice.  In the market for over 100 years, the Anti-Borax No. 2 can handle the heat of brazing with Low-Fuming Bronze.  Available in cans and pails.

Superior No. 20 – Aluminum Brazing Flux

If you’re torch brazing Aluminum, then you need our No. 20.  This is the ideal flux for brazing Aluminum using common Aluminum brazing alloys such as AL718. We also sell an Aluminum Welding Flux, our Anti-Borax No. 8, which is ideal for the welding of Aluminum using an oxy-acetylene torch.

No. 609LB – High Temp Carbide Brazing

For repairs of carbide mining tools, where high temperature Manganese and Nickel-based braze alloys are used, our No. 609LB is the best flux.  This flux is the go-to flux the world over for the manufacture and repair of carbide mining tools.  Meets AMS spec 3417.  Available in a variety of jar and pail sizes.

Anti-Borax No. 1 – Cast Iron Welding Flux

The ideal flux for welding cast iron using cast iron welding rods.  Typically used in the repair of cast iron pipes and other implements.  Available in cans and pails.

No. 9H – Back-Up Stainless Steel Welding Flux       

When welding stainless steel pipes, use our No. 9H stainless steel backup flux to prevent tenacious oxides from forming on the backside of the weld.  Available in cans and pails.

We’ve got lots of other fluxes, including a whole range of industrial soldering fluxes for whatever your requirement.  Contact us with your brazing, soldering and welding application, and we’ll find the right flux for you.