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Maintenance Fluxes for the Oil and Gas Industry

Superior Flux provides numerous products that are used in the Oil & Gas Industry, particularly in the maintenance of tools and equipment.  The following highlights several of these products. No. 601 – General Purpose Silver Brazing…
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How To Choose a Brazing Flux

What is Brazing? Brazing is a metal joining process sandwiched between its popular siblings, soldering and welding. Not as “cool” as soldering and certainly not as “hot” as welding, brazing is conducted at around 800 - 2000°F (425…
Direct Aluminum Soldering
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Brazing & Soldering in “The Big Easy”

This year’s International Brazing & Soldering Conference (IBSC) in New Orleans, LA (April 15-18, 2018) provided those involved in the research, development and application of brazing and soldering, an exclusive opportunity to network and…