A Closer Look At Superior’s Specialty Fluxes

How We Create Fluxes To Meet Customer Needs

Flux Specifications

Superior In The News:

Recently Superior Flux was featured in Aviation Week Network. The article titled ‘Brazing Specialists Turn Up the Heat’ written by Lindsay Bjerregaard, showcased Superior Flux’s ability to create products to meet customer flux specifications. Amongst our many customers are the highly regulated aerospace business, federal agencies and companies under military contract that all require strict product regulations. Our expert chemists work to manufacture fluxes that can meet the specifications required. For example important flux specifications are satisfied by the following products: Superior No. 99 (Type RMA Rosin Flux), No. 601B/3411 (Hi-Temp Brazing Flux), TiBF-19 (Titanium Brazing Flux) and many more.

Our Rosin Fluxes conform to military specification Mil-F-14256, Types R, RMA and RA. The Superior No. 30 organic flux conforms to multiple specifications, such as US Army Specification No. SM-A571678, Federal Specification QQ-S-571E and O-F-506C, Type 1 and Boeing Aerospace Material Specification BMS No. 7- 57A. Our product line up includes Brazing Fluxes per a variety of crucial specifications, such as AMS 3410, 3411 and 3412, as well as Federal Specs, such as O-F-499.

“In addition to brazing, soldering and rosin fluxes, Superior Flux supplies solder and brazing alloys of various specifications. The company, which has been manufacturing flux since 1932, fulfills orders of any size and ships worldwide.”

Superior Flux takes pride in working with customers to create the best products and experience possible. If your company requires any flux specifications please Contact Us and we can determine the best flux for you. To learn more about the fluxes featured in the article ‘Brazing Specialists Turn Up the Heat’ read more below.

Products Featured

Superior No. 601: is a white brazing flux for general purpose. Which meets the following specifications of AMS 3410, AWS A5.3l-92, TYPE FB3A, and Federal Specification 0-F-499, Type B. For more detailed information read here – Silver Brazing White Flux Paste

Fluxes Conforming to Government Specifications

Superior No. 99: is a rosin type RMA soldering flux. This mildly activated rosin flux is for general-purpose soldering of PCB’s, wire, cable, and semiconductors, and hand soldering applications. No. 99 RMA Flux meets all the requirements of Mil-F-14256, Type RMA and IPC ANSI-J-STD-004, Type ROM1. For more detailed information read more – Rosin Flux and Paste

Superior No. 71: is a water-based, inorganic-acid flux formulated for soldering stainless steel and other industrial metals. For more detailed information read more – Stainless Steel Soldering Flux

Superior No. 601B/3411: is a black brazing flux. Which meets the following specifications of AMS 3411, AWS A5.3l-91, TYPE FB3C, and Federal Specification 0-F-499, Type B. For more detailed information read here – High-Temp Black Brazing Flux Paste

Flux Specifications

Cutting Edge Aluminum Soldering Fluxes

Superior No. 1261: is a high activity, organic-based, chloride-free, liquid Aluminum soldering flux. Used with solder preforms wire reflow soldering. Used with multiple alloys. For more detailed information read more – Aluminum Soldering Flux

AFCW: Aluminum-Flux Cored Wire, easy to use for direct solder to aluminum opposed to plating. This is an option to cut cost by replacing plating by using the solder wire customers are able to point source direct solder to aluminum. For more detailed information read more – Aluminum-Flux Cored Wire

Flux Specifications

To find more flux specifications review our finding a flux by specification page to find a table that lists fluxes according to industry or government standards. If you are unable to find a particular specification on this table, it doesn’t mean we don’t have a flux for it – Contact Us and let us know what you’re looking for. In some cases, we list one flux for a specification and we may in reality have more than one flux that meets that specification.