Superior Flux Media and Resources

Superior Flux & Mfg. Co. looks to help out customers big and small, from industries that span continents to the handyman or hobbyist that needs a one time fix. To that end, Superior Flux presents the following resources to further flux knowledge. There are videos, posts, and published papers that cover the basics and others that delve into more detailed topics.

Especially relevant to these resources are the ones that look at the latest flux technologies and applications such as brazing (also known as silver soldering) titanium, soldering to aluminum alloys, and improving welds for pipe and tube manufacture.

State of Flux!

Browse the Superior Flux blog (State of Flux) for relevant news and events.


The more technically inclined will wish to peruse the published papers and articles, product guides, and presentations over here. Authors include Superior Flux’s own President, Dr. Y. Baskin, the aluminum soldering guru, William Avery, and collaborators such as representatives from Nordson EFD or EWI.

Educational Videos

For the more visual learners, head over and take a look at “how to” or demonstration videos here on our website, or over on our YouTube channel.

Soldering a Copper Tube to Stainless Steel
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