Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA) Expo & Forum: 

Fluxing in the Heart of Texas

Surface Mount Technology

Dallas, TX & Houston, TX, April 9-13, 2018 –
For electronics engineers and manufacturing professionals seeking new ways to improve processes, look no further than The Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA). Thanks to a calendar of events held year round in association with local SMTA chapters across the globe, SMTA members receive ample opportunities to seek out new advancements in the electronics industry. This year’s SMTA Expos in Dallas, TX & Houston, TX respectively (April 9-13) were no exception.

Superior Flux & Mfg. Co.’s (SFM) resident R&D; SMT Technical Process Specialist, Dana Imler and Philip Baskin were on hand for both events, rubbing shoulders with our allies in the electronics industry. Manned with a wealth of information on all things Flux and solder paste, such as our latest product to revolutionize Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Technology [Superior’s #8800-TF RMA Water-Soluble Solder Paste Tacky Flux], Dana and Philip had the pleasure of meeting with a number of colleagues, from distributors and contractors to fellow engineers, line workers, and purchasers.

All circuits lit up Texas style with plenty of new advancements to explore for those in attendance. But after all the dust had settled, it was the opportunity to connect with colleagues in the industry and attend to business relationships established over so many years that mattered most to the Superior Flux Team.

“It was great to see a lot of old friends in the industry,” explained SFM’s Dana Imler. “Sometimes, old friends equal new business.”

Many thanks to everyone at SMTA Dallas and SMTA Houston respectively for being so accommodating and to everyone who stopped by the SFM booth to say hello and talk flux with our team of experts.

Next stop, the Carolinas. For those of you attending next month’s SMTA Expo and Forum in Raleigh, NC (May 3-6), be sure to look us up. We’ll be there. Until next time, keep on fluxing.

Editor’s Note: Just like any road trip, one must anticipate the potential for something to go wrong. It’s the cardinal rule. For the Superior Flux Team this quaint little maxim yielded its ugly head when the SFM booth got lost by UPS… somewhere on the way to the Lone Star State. As of this date the booth has still not arrived at the hotel. Fortunately for the Superior Flux Team, this bump in the road wasn’t too bad, and Dana and Philip quickly bounced back: first with makeshift digs constructed DIY-style on the fly (See photo 1 above), and second thanks to the wonderful folks at Office Depot, Houston who quickly fashioned a new booth for them with all the trimming (See Photo 2 below). Shoutout Office Depot, Houston! All in a day’s work.