Superior No. 30 SuperSafe™ Soldering Flux

Welding Flux

Welding is a metal-joining process whereby similar metals are joined using a direct heat source to melt the base and filler metals to create a uniform finished product. Welding covers a temperature range of 800-1635°C/1,500-3,000°F.

Superior Flux’s welding fluxes are categorized as follows:

Anti-Borax Fluxes
Forge Welding Flux
Cast Iron Welding Flux
Stainless Steel Backup Flux
Aluminum Welding Flux
Centrifugal Casting Flux
Tube Welding Flux

Superior Flux’s welding flux lineup includes products employing the following trade names: Anti-Borax, EZ-Weld, Crescent, Cherry Heat, Climax and Forge Borax.

For a numerical/alphabetical listing, go to SDS and Spec Sheets.

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