Superior No. 312 Photovoltaic Ribbon Assembly (PVA)

Superior No. 312-PVA No-Clean flux is specifically formulated for use in Photovoltaic Ribbon Assembly (PVA) in which tabs are soldered to cell contacts. No. 312-PVA can be manually applied directly to the interconnecting ribbon, or it can be applied automatically via a tabber and stringer soldering system through either dip or spray mechanism.

We offer Superior No. 312-PVA in three different sizes. Sizes available for purchase are 1 gallon bottles, 5 gallon jerrycans, and in 55 gallon drums. For custom sizes or a quote, Contact Us.

Superior No. 312-PVA 4 Liter Bottle

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Superior No. 312-PVA 19 Liter Bottle

Superior No. 312-PVA 55-Gallon Drum

Superior No. 312-PVA

  • Superior Flux Number
  • Description
  • Rec. Base Metals
  • Rec. Solders
  • Rec. Temp Ranges
  • SDS
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  • 312-PVA
  • No-Clean Soldering Flux for Photovoltaic Ribbon Assembly
  • Copper, Tin
  • Tin-Lead (SnPb)
    Tin-Silver-Lead (SnAgPb)
    Lead-free (Pb-free)
  • 315-400°C / 600-750°F
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Superior No. 312 – PVA is RoHS compliant.

Superior No. 312-PVA  With its low solids content (around 2%) and unique activator package, as well as it being both halide- and rosin-free, Superior No. 312-PVA leaves virtually no residue on the cell post soldering. Cells are left dry and cosmetically clean as they exit the tabber and stringer machine. In addition, a unique anti-corrosion additive keeps the cells clean and corrosion-free for the duration. Superior No. 312-PVA performs under a wide solder temperature range and can be used in conjunction with both leaded and lead-free alloys.

  • Low solids
  • Zero-halogen, zero-halide formulation
  • Eliminates cleaning process
  • Can be applied by spraying or dipping
  • Conforms to J-STD-004, Type ORL0
  • Compatible with the most popular EVA films
  • Rapid soldering + quick drying = fast throughput
  • Yields highly reliable solar ribbon with minimal to no voiding
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