No-Clean Wave Solder Flux Fortified with Rosin/Resin

The addition of certain amounts of Rosin, Resin or both to a wave soldering flux gives the flux extra activity and heat tolerance.  The added Rosin or Resin can also have the advantage of leaving a clear, smooth post-solder residue that can effectively seal off all flux residues, affording extra protection for the PCB.

No. OSP-2D

Superior Flux NumberNo. OSP-2D
DescriptionNo-Clean Wave Solder Flux with Resin (8.2% solids)
Rec. ApplicationsWave soldering and selective soldering for PCB Assembly, Spray and Foam Applications.
Rec. SoldersLead-Free, Tin/Lead
Rec. Temp Ranges200-270°C / 390-520°F
Solids Content8.2%

No. SF800

Superior Flux NumberNo. SF800
DescriptionNo-Clean Wave Solder Flux with Resin (4% Solids Content)
ApplicationSuitable for both wave soldering and selective soldering applications.
Rec. SoldersLead-Free, Tin/Lead
Rec. Temp Ranges200-280°C / 390-540°F
Solids Content4%

No. 99-20

Superior Flux NumberNo. 99-20
DescriptionRosin Flux Type RMA
Rec. ApplicationsWave soldering, selective soldering, dip soldering and any application calling for a Rosin Flux (Type RMA, Moderately Active)
Rec. SoldersLead-Free, Tin/Lead
Rec. Temp Ranges200-260°C / 390-500°F
Specs.IPC ANSI-J-STD ROL1, Type RMA Rosin Flux
Solids Content20%
The fluxes that appear on this page are RoHS compliant.

No. OSP-2D No-Clean Wave Solder Flux with Added Resin

No. OSP-2D is a high-solids (8.2%) No-Clean Flux.  It is a dual purpose flux formulated to provide excellent joining during wave soldering and then to leave a resin layer over the PCB that protects it from oxidation.  No. OSP-2D can be applied via spray or foam applicators.  The flux has a slight amber color and leaves a clear residue after soldering.  Standard packaging includes 1-gallon bottles, 5-gallon pails or 55-gallon drums.

No. SF800 No-Clean Wave Soldering Flux

Our SF800 is another of our fluxes that is classified as a No-Clean and that has a small amount of a rosin/resin complex in it.  This extra ingredient gives the flux an extra boost but also leaves a thin, clear layer over the soldered parts that serves as protection against any future corrosion.  SF800 does have a small amount of Bromides in it.  This small addition of a Halide gives the flux extra activity, but if you need a Halide-Free flux, then go with our OSP-200 or one of our other No-Clean, wave soldering fluxes.  SF800 is good for both wave soldering and selective soldering applications.  Typically available in 1-gallon bottles, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.

No. 99-20 No-Clean Rosin Flux

No. 99-20 is a typical Type-RMA rosin flux except for one detail: it passes testing to be classified as a No-Clean.  This makes a versatile flux – you can use it when you need the activity of an RMA flux but want to leave the flux residues on the board.  With a 20% solids content and containing Rosin, this flux will leave a darker residue than most No-Cleans.  If you want to wash off the flux residues from No. 99-20 then use Mineral Spirits or IPA 99%.  Standard packaging includes a 1-gallon bottle, 5-gallon pail and 55-gallon drum.

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