Safety and Environment

The fluxes and other products Superior Flux sells are primarily chemical-based, some of which are classified as “hazardous” or “dangerous goods.” As such, extreme care must be taken in the storage and usage of our products. The need for caution applies to all of our products, regardless of safety classification. Superior Flux provides safety data sheets (SDS) for all products that it sells (SDS and Spec Sheets). Prior to handling our product, please exercise due caution by carefully reading over the safety information contained in our SDS and on our product labels. Pay special attention to the personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilation requirements dictated by each product’s SDS and labels. Please note that some of our products are classified as “flammable” and thus need to be stored in a cabinet or room that is rated for flammable products.

Superior Flux conforms to all shipping and packaging regulations as dictated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and UN standards.

Superior Flux makes every effort to formulate fluxes that are environmentally friendly. SuperSafe® No. 30, our most popular flux, is a testament to our dedication to safety and the environment (Superior No. 30 SuperSafe Soldering Flux). Introduced in 1949, No. 30 remains a standard bearer as a safer and more environmentally friendly flux. In addition to No. 30, we have developed and continue to develop new fluxes that are safer and more environmentally friendly.

It is important to stress that Superior Flux’s products may contain ingredients that are monitored and controlled by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or related governmental agencies. As such, customers wishing to dispose of any of Superior Flux’s products or related by-products must contact their local branch of the EPA (or comparable agency) to determine acceptable and legal methods of disposal. Superior Flux is always available to offer advice in the area of legal disposal, but the final word always rests with the relevant regulatory agencies.