Automotive Flux

Automotive fluxes are used in a variety of processes from soldering radiators, batteries, electronics and wire harnesses to general brazing work, and welding muffler tubes. These fluxes can be used in different heating situations, such as dipping parts into molten solder, hand feeding alloy, induction or conventional heating.

Superior Flux’s industrial soldering fluxes are categorized in the following links: 

Wave Solder Fluxes:

  • Alcohol Based No Clean: No. 312 Tin/Lead, No. 315 Tin/Lead
  • No. 315-LF Lead-Free, No. 325 Lead-Free
  • SF800 Lead-Free, OSP-2D Lead-Free
  • VOC-Free No Clean: 420S/F Tin/Lead, No. 420F-S/F Lead-Free
  • Water Soluble Alcohol Based: 80

Solder Pastes:

  • No Clean: 5900 Formulation for all standard Solder Powders
  • No Clean: 5900 Low Temperature Formulation (Sn42/Bi57/Ag1 and Sn42/Bi58)
  • No-Clean: 4000 Low Post Solder Clear Residue
  • Water Soluble: 8800 Formulation for all Solder Powders
  • Water Soluble: 8800 Formulation for High Temperature Formulation (Sn10/Pb88/Ag2 and Sn10/Pb90)

PCB Solder Gel Flux and Cleaner:

  • SyberGel
  • SyberLiquid

Saponifiers & Descaler:

  • SyberKleen 2000 PCB Cleaner
  • Descaler – Cleaner to Remove Dirt Build up in PCB Water Cleaners

Flux Cores:

  • Solder Flux Cores for No Clean, Water Soluble and Rosin

Component Lead Tinning:

  • Halide Bearing VOC-Free Fluxes: No. 30, No. 40MM4, No. 43
  • Halide Free Alcohol Based Fluxes: 435, No. 435 3:1
  • Halide Bearing VOC-Free Fluxes: 430 Series

Preflux Cleaners:

  • Copper Cleaner
  • Nickel Cleaner

Battery Flux:

  • No. 155 Alcohol Based Flux
  • No. 552 Water Based Flux
  • No. 555C Concentrated Water Based Flux

Radiator Flux:

  • No. 520B Bromide All-Purpose Flux
  • No. 530 Brass Tube Mill Flux
  • No. 592 Zinc Bromide Flux

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