Wave Solder Oil

Wave soldering oil is added to solder baths in wave soldering machines to create a barrier between the solder and the air, thus slowing down the formation of dross on the solder.  Soldering oil can similarly be used in still solder pots.

No. WSO-1A

Superior Flux NumberNo. WSO-1A
DescriptionSolder Oil for Wave Soldering and Still Solder Pots
AppearanceClear to Slightly Yellow Color
Density0.85 @ 20-25°C/68-77°F
Flashpoint>160°C / >320°F
Spec. SheetLink
Superior Wave Soldering Oil is RoHS 3 compliant.

Superior No. WSO-1A

Superior No. WSO-1A Wave Soldering Oil is a heat stable, solvent-soluble organic fluid that minimizes dross formation on molten solder.  The solder oil acts a barrier over the solder and can be used in both wave soldering and still solder pots.  No. WSO-1A also reduces the surface tension of molten solder and improves the wetting of base metals by solder.  The solder oil is stable for extended periods of time at normal soldering temperatures.  Available in 1-gallon bottles, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.

In additional to solder oil, we supply Dross Reducer Powder.

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